Client Review BESS Training:

“This was an exceptionally informative, enjoyable and above all valuable session on Grid Battery Technology. Looking forward to put most of the information that I have learned throughout the training session into practice. May I take this opportunity to thank you for all your help in the arrangements and organisation for the in house training that some of our colleagues attended. The course was very informative and structured to our requirements. Your help and knowledge has been very much appreciated by all my colleagues who have attended the training on Grid Batteries: Valuation, Design, Procurement, and Operations”

Acelerex Universal Smart EMS passed qualification tests for controlling energy storage for highest standards of UK Grid compliance.

acelerex accomplished the tests using acelerex BESS testing automation software that is a module of the acelerex Universal Smart EMS. The acelerex design is that the EMS can test itself and report results automatically, and can heal itself. 

Notice that the Active Power line as controlled by the acelerex Universal Smart EMS is as precise as a laser.

“It’s like we earned the rights to a pair of British pants!” 

Acelerex BESS Testing Software provides remote operational support for storage and microgrids commissioning and performance validation.

Contributing Author to IRENA Electricity Storage Valuation Framework.  Acelerex Alternative Analysis, Production Cost, and Stacked Services Emulator Software was used to support the advising.  

The Acelerex grid analytics software is a perfect tool for integrated resource plans and asset valuations.

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Energy Storage Roadmap for the Maldives - Executive Summary

Acelerex engaged to provide an Energy Storage Roadmap Assessment for the Maldives, including training and transfer of knowledge for techniques

Submitted to the Government of Maldives, World Bank, and to the United Nations Climate Action Summit 2019

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Acelerex provided expert review prior to publication of this HBS Case.

NYSERDA Energy Storage Report

Acelerex engaged to prepare valuation and reliability of energy storage portfolio for the New York State Energy Storage Roadmap.

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