About Acelerex

Acelerex is a consulting and software company focused on data driven, economic processes to lead to cleaner, more reliable, and distributed resources in electric power, energy, and transportation networks. We pair emerging technologies in these key sectors with software innovations such as AI, IoT devices, blockchain, big data, data mining, cloud computing, and real time optimization algorithms.

Our clients include utilities, developers, government departments, investors, and equipment manufacturers. We work in North America, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Our consulting practice focuses on regulatory and policy support as well as integrated resource planning and providing electrical grid simulations, technology valuation, site analysis, and competitor analysis. Our software practice focuses on high-performance real time optimization algorithms, AI, device control systems, data acquisition and visualization, and blockchain and smart contract applications.


Acelerex was founded and is headquartered at the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC).

Boston, MA

Houston, TX


Washington, D.C.


Istanbul, Turkey


Santiago, Chile

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