About Acelerex

Acelerex is an independent consultant and software maker focused on data driven, economic processes to lead to cleaner, reliable, and resilient grids to leverage distributed resources in electric power, energy, and transportation networks.

Acelerex consulting focuses on policy for clean energy and storage, integrated resource plans, grid modernization, grid design, project design, asset valuations, revenue and cost forecasts, PPA rate analysis, and testing services of assets. 

Acelerex makes three types of software for grid analytics, grid automation, and grid data services.  

Acelerex Grid Analytics software has algorithms for time-series AC power flow, transient stability, production cost, harmonic analysis, flicker analysis, stacked services, ELCC, forecasting, capacity optimization, and reliability and resiliency planning with distributed resources.

Our grid automation software provides end to end scheduling for distributed assets and includes artificial intelligence predictions as well as real time stacked services dispatch and real time operations management front ends.  We deploy on server and on Acelerex IoT Smart Appliance and we have  universal smart EMS with unlimited stacked services for operating clean energy asset investments.  

Our grid data services software is the software machine that delivers the data to the grid analytics and the grid automation. 

We pair clean energy and storage technologies with 100% proprietary software innovations of AI, IoT devices, blockchain, big data, data mining, cloud computing, and real time optimization algorithms.

Our clients include corporates, traders, investment funds, storage makers, integrators, utilities, developers, government departments, investors, development banks, and equipment manufacturers. 

We work in North America, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Our digital transformation software products handle project design, power grid design, trading, valuation, power system planning, dispatch, and edge automation for remote monitoring and control all enhanced with high-performance real time optimization algorithms, AI, device control systems, data acquisition and visualization, and blockchain and smart contract technologies.

Acelerex Software

Acelerex Software

Our journey has been shaped by exciting challenges in developing generalized software for clean energy applications.

~ acelerex team

Customer Success

your goals are our goals

cost disruptive


Responsive Front Ends

Responsive front ends that function on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones

Microservices & APIs

Stands on services with APIs backed by databases and workers executing complex tasks, utilizing containers and cloud services


Engineered a multitenant solution to support unlimited clients with unlimited users while maintaining separation of data


Developed a portal for client registration, team member administration, license purchasing and allocation, and a catalog of additional goodies to buy

Big Data

Chains data lakes and data warehouses, handling real-time data transit, queueing, and data insertion with an automated ETL pipeline

Clean Energy Algorithms

Acelerex is unafraid to make algorithms!

  • Alternative Analysis
  • Production Cost
  • Stacked Services Emulation
  • Stacked Services Dispatch
  • ELCC
  • Deltas
  • DCF
  • Forecasting
  • Frequency Response
  • Transient Stability
  • Time Series AC Powerflow
  • Harmonics
  • Four Quadrant Stacked Services
  • Data Analyzer
  • Prediction Model Competition

Artificial Intelligence

Developed real time scheduling systems for AI model tuning and real time predictions.

Internet of Things

Created an IoT Hub and powerful IoT edge devices that support intelligent data collection for monitoring and control

Edge Controls

Distributed algorithms with statuses, measurements, controls, and alarms

Blockchain & Smart Contracts

Developed blockchain for addressable stacked services with smart contracts of settlement equations


automated Continuous Design, Continuous Integration, and Continuous Deployment

  • Continuous Design of new features to bring joy to our users
  • Continuous Integration to merge new features with current products, and automating testing to avoid bugs
  • Continuous Deployment, to rapidly, continuously, and automatically deploy new features for our clients to use

Component Use Case R&D

fast process for component use case R&D


Acelerex was founded and is headquartered at the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC).
Boston, MA
Boston, MA
Santiago, Chile
Santiago, Chile
Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul, Turkey
Gujarat, India