CEATI: Renewables Integration Conference

Palm Springs, CA

Nov. 19, 2019 — Nov. 20, 2019

Acelerex presented at the CEATI Renewables Integration Conference Nov 19-20 on “When, Where, Why, and How Much Energy Storage”

About this event:

Renewable energy sources (RES), such as wind and solar, are growing rapidly. However, their intermittency and non-dispatchability are causing significant issues for the generation, transmission, and distribution systems, including errors in load forecasting, voltage spikes, frequency excursions, and cyclic operation of thermal plants. Energy storage technology options, performance, and costs are improving to better support wide-scale RES integration while also managing these associated issues. Furthermore, modern inverters are minimizing the momentary cessation interval, and improvements in resource availability forecasting and system modeling are enabling better planning and operation of the grid. This conference will focus on emerging technology and software solutions for modern grid operations with increasing penetration of RES. Heavy emphasis will be placed on energy storage integrated with RES, the economics of RES on both a standalone basis and when combined with energy storage, improved smart inverters and controls, and transmission and distribution system optimization. The technology capability and value proposition of each solution will be deliberated.