Acelerex Training: ERCOT Market Seminar

PGS Energy is hosting the Acelerex ERCOT Markets Seminar.

December 9th and 10th in Houston Texas.

  1. Power Market Fundamentals ERCOT
  2. Forecasting in Power with Econometrics, Operations Research, and Artificial Intelligence
  3. Grid Batteries: Valuation, Design, Procurement, Operations
  4. ERCOT Alternative Analysis Capacity Expansion Models
  5. ERCOT Production Cost Stack Model
  6. ERCOT Capacity Valuation Model
  7. Reliability and Resiliency Valuation
  8. Real Time Integrated Resource Plan Model Runs
  9. Mathematical Trading and Finance for Power with Advanced Software Technology Stacks
  10. Artificially Enhanced Stacked Services
  11. Asset Revenue Simulation real time or for Project Economics
  12. Hybrid Project
  13. Distributed Energy Services VPP’s
  14. Expected Load Carrying Capability Calculations
  15. PPA Pricing
  16. Seriously Big Data Simulation Ready Model
  17. Hot Smart Maps with Value Visuals

Soon this exclusive seminar will be posted at PGS Energy Website