Geothermal: Robust Baseload Generation

Mr. Terry Boston, Former CEO PJM Interconnect

Dr. John Wells Harvard Business School, Retired Professor

Dr. Randell Johnson CEO Acelerex

Reno, Nevada, Saturday August 27th  

As the future grids are moving towards renewable technologies, especially with intermittent resources, there is a need of a renewable resource which can provide base load generation just like hydro and nuclear. Even though batteries have been proven to be capable to improve system reliability and flexibility response to intermittent resources, a mix of solar and storage only is cheaper when co-optimized with geothermal capacity expansion. Geothermal has been proven to be a reliable resource for generating electricity and its market is rapidly increasing.

This insightful seminar will cover the latest geothermal energy technologies, current trends, applications, and economics. The seminar will help participants to review, analyze, and evaluate opportunities of geothermal energy projects. The seminar will have a blend in working knowledge of integrating geothermal energy and existing resources on variety of levels, from small-scale use in commercial structures to large scale distribution.

What you will learn:

  • Modeling 1000 MW of new Geothermal in California
  • Geothermal Proforma Model for Geothermal in California
  • Long term power price forecasts for California
  • Ancillary price forecasts for California
  • Financial Engineering of Ramping Forwards with Geothermal
  • California Production Cost Model with Geothermal
  • Geothermal equivalent of Solar plus Storage
  • California Emissions Reduction with Geothermal
  • Hands on Cloud Simulation Exercise of Geothermal Killing it in Future Power Markets
  • Geographical Visualization of Geothermal Benefits
  • Co-Optimization of Geothermal Capacity with Solar and Energy Storage
  • Co-Optimization of Geothermal and Virtual Power Plants