Acelerex Training: Microgrid Training

Acelerex provides training for Microgrid Valuation, Sizing, Design, and Operation.

Insightful seminar on incorporating battery energy storage in microgrids and island grids with the instructors who are recognized as a leading world experts and practitioners with many years of experience. Today there are many microgrid options with energy storage, renewables, EV, demand, islanded and interconnected for C&I and residential microgrids. Hybrid grids will be reviewed for islands with renewables, engines, and batteries. This seminar will cover Virtual Power Plants of microgrids along with microgrid services, financial analysis, automation and procurement strategies. The advantage of this course is that you receive a comprehensive and detailed set of insights of the latest methodologies used for valuation, planning, design, and operations of microgrids with use cases of batteries, ownership models, and economic and financial analysis.