New York Energy Storage Roadmap

Albany, NY

The Roadmap was developed jointly by DPS and NYSERDA staff, in consultation with numerous stakeholders. The Roadmap identifies the most promising near-term policies, regulations and initiatives needed to realize the Governor’s ambitious 2025 storage target, and in anticipation of a 2030 target to be established by the Public Service Commission (PSC) later this year. In order to accelerate deployment in ways that are viable, replicable, and scalable, the Roadmap recommends providing $350 million in statewide market acceleration incentives to fast-track the adoption of advanced storage systems located at customer sites or on the distribution or bulk electric systems including projects that are paired with solar.  NYSERDA will initiate this market activity through the creation of a new ‘PV plus storage’ adder through the NY-Sun initiative, to be available by Fall 2018.  Additionally, the NY Green Bank has issued an RFI seeking at least $200 million in storage-related investments to help drive down costs and to strategically deploy energy storage where the grid needs it most.

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