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High Attendance for Acelerex Seminar AI Prediction and Forecasting Training for Renewable and Storage Systems.

Hundreds are signing up.

The seminar is enthusing and insightful for forecasting methods and application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for batteries and renewables in power grids with an instructor who is recognized as a leading world expert and practitioner with many years of experience with forecasting and market analysis.

The career boost advantage of this seminar is that you receive a comprehensive and detailed set of insights of the latest on using forecasting techniques and AI applications for operating grids, trading systems, long term forecasts for asset investments, storage hybrid projects with renewables, battery dispatch, battery valuation, and data mining algorithms.

In this seminar, you will learn about different forecasting and prediction techniques and use cases for planning and operating conventional, renewable, and energy storage technologies.

There are many underlying forecasts and predictions that flow into the planning and operational processes such as fuels prices, demand, renewables, energy, and ancillary services prices, technology costs, and others. 

The instructor keeps you on the edge of your seat tantalized to learn more.

Buckle up, your mind can be foreverly altered about AI

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