Training Services

Acelerex provides training to executives and technical teams on valuation, planning, design, and operations of power systems with conventional technologies, renewable technologies and emerging technologies using software exercises.


  • Executives
  • Directors
  • Managers
  • Financial Analysts
  • Utility Engineers
  • Developers
  • Operation Engineers


Introduction to Valuation, Planning and Design

  • Valuation: methods and approaches
  • Planning: techniques and algorithms
  • Design: procedures and use cases


  • Integrated Resource Planning, Asset Valuation and Sizing, Fuel Budgeting, Price Forecasting, Operational Planning

Use Cases

  • Energy Arbitrage, Spinning Reserve, Non-Sync Spinning Reserve, Regulation, Operating Reserve, Renewables Integration, EV Charging, Frequency Response, Black Start

Grid Modeling

  • Alternative Analysis Capacity Investment Analysis with BESS
  • Production cost hourly and sub-hourly for BESS dispatch
  • Stacked Services Emulator for temporal and simultaneous use cases
  • Ancillary Services Modeling

System Benefits Metrics with BESS

  • Capacity deferral, fuel savings, VO&M savings, FO&M Savings, Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Reserve Savings, Frequency Response, Black Start, T&D deferral, Cost to Load savings

Hybrid Systems

  • Power batteries and Energy Batteries, LFP, Conventional Lithium Ion, Flow Batteries, others

Market Analysis

  • Valuation and dispatch for BESS in day ahead schedule
  • Valuation and dispatch for BESS in real time schedule
  • Valuation for Frequency Response and ancillary services

Cost Analysis

  • Efficiency, Cycles per day and cycles per year, losses, fade, augmentation, energy costs, capital costs, EPC costs, FOM, VOM, others

NPV Analysis

  • BESS NPV analysis, DCF, WACC, Gearing, Sensitivities, Others

PPA Valuation

  • Deriving PPA value and LCOE value