Training Services
Training Services

Acelerex provides training to executives and technical teams on valuation, planning, design, and operations of power systems with conventional technologies, renewable technologies and emerging technologies using software exercises.


  • Executives
  • Directors
  • Managers
  • Financial Analysts
  • Utility Engineers
  • Developers
  • Operation Engineers


Introduction to Valuation, Planning and Design

  • Valuation: methods and approaches
  • Planning: techniques and algorithms
  • Design: procedures and use cases


  • Integrated Resource Planning, Asset Valuation and Sizing, Fuel Budgeting, Price Forecasting, Operational Planning

Use Cases

  • Energy Arbitrage, Spinning Reserve, Non-Sync Spinning Reserve, Regulation, Operating Reserve, Renewables Integration, EV Charging, Frequency Response, Black Start

Grid Modeling

  • Alternative Analysis Capacity Investment Analysis with BESS
  • Production cost hourly and sub-hourly for BESS dispatch
  • Stacked Services Emulator for temporal and simultaneous use cases
  • Ancillary Services Modeling

System Benefits Metrics with BESS

  • Capacity deferral, fuel savings, VO&M savings, FO&M Savings, Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Reserve Savings, Frequency Response, Black Start, T&D deferral, Cost to Load savings

Hybrid Systems

  • Power batteries and Energy Batteries, LFP, Conventional Lithium Ion, Flow Batteries, others

Market Analysis

  • Valuation and dispatch for BESS in day ahead schedule
  • Valuation and dispatch for BESS in real time schedule
  • Valuation for Frequency Response and ancillary services

Cost Analysis

  • Efficiency, Cycles per day and cycles per year, losses, fade, augmentation, energy costs, capital costs, EPC costs, FOM, VOM, others

NPV Analysis

  • BESS NPV analysis, DCF, WACC, Gearing, Sensitivities, Others

PPA Valuation

  • Deriving PPA value and LCOE value