PJM Nodes Storage

Acelerex AI and big data and stacked services is able to render asset valuation on a record breaking number of nodes in PJM and in context of FERC Order 2222.

Acelerex algorithms are optimized for scalability on Cloud GPU’s and CPU’s simultaneously for each node and outputs nodal unlevered IRR.

Storage ITC simulation is really fascinating.

Acelerex Grid Analytics Software: (micro services)

  • Market Monitoring Calculation Automation
  • Mapping and Proposition Rendering
  • Automatic Real Time Nodal Metrics
  • Stacked Services Revenues
  • Marginal Cost of Cycling
  • Technical Signal
  • Losses
  • Optimal Power Flow
  • High Speed Massively Parallel NPV Calculator
  • Purchases
  • Sales
  • Trading Contracts
  • AI Analyst
  • Input Analyzer
  • API’s
  • Responsive Front Ends
  • VPP
  • Microgrids

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