energy storage testing dashboard

Acelerex Energy Storage Testing Software and Appliances is a commercially available software stack deployable in the cloud and on appliances for testing and commissioning of assets such as energy storage systems, microgrids, island grids, renewable energy systems, and demand controls.  

Storage Testing

  • FAT– Factory Acceptance Testing for BMS, Batteries, Controls, Inverter, Integrated System, and others.
  • SAT – Site Acceptance Testing for integrated system of switch gear, inverters, BMS, batteries, Site Controls, Communication Systems, and others.
  • Use Case Testing – For services such as Energy Arbitrage, Ancillary Services, Renewable Shifting, Peak Shaving, Peaker Displacement; T&D Deferral, Voltage Controls, and others.
  • Warranty Testing – Testing of Name Plate Power Capacity, Energy Storage Capacity, Round Trip Efficiency, Control Delays, Temperature Limits, Charge and Discharge Current Limits, Voltage Limits, Inverter Outage Rate, Uptime, and others.
  • Safety Testing – Fire Suppression Systems, Smoke Detection, Grounding, Rapid Ventilation Systems, Visual Alarm Systems, Audible Alarm Systems, Proximity to Structures, Fire Barriers, and others.
  • State of Health Testing – Testing the Battery Fade and Degradation, Energy Throughput, Remaining Capacity, Internal Impedance, and others.
  • Communication System Testing – Testing of Remote Site Control, Testing Site Controls, Testing Responsive Communications, Check Out of Register Maps, Testing of Data Collection, Testing of Alarms, Statuses, Measurements, and Controls
  • Performance Testing – End to End Testing of Inputs to Outputs, Latency, Delays of Response, Undershoot, Overshoot, Inverse Poles, Controller Tuning, and others.