Acelerex provides integrated resource plans for clients that include the representation of demand response, energy efficiency, energy storage, renewables, and conventional technologies.  The methodologies are consistent with best practice of capacity optimization along with metrics that are accepted by policy and regulatory bodies.

  1. Acelerex Database of Input Assumptions
  2. Capacity Optimization Methods and Techniques
  3. Production Cost Hourly and Sub-Hourly
  4. Demand Response Modeling
  5. Energy Efficiency Modeling
  6. Energy Storage Modeling
  7. Conventional Technologies Modelling
  8. Renewables Mandates and Targets
  9. Emission Standards Compliance
  10. Purchases and Sales
  11. Alternative Analysis
  12. Power Purchase Agreements
  13. Scenarios, Sensitivities, Cases
  14. Scenario Ranking with Net Present Value
  15. Valuation Metrics
  16. Reports and Presentations