Testing Services
Testing Services

Comprehensive Testing Capability:

  • Factory Acceptance Tests– Factory Acceptance Testing for BMS, Batteries, Controls, Inverter, Integrated System, and others.
  • Site Acceptance Tests – Site Acceptance Testing for integrated system of switch gear, inverters, BMS, batteries, Site Controls, Communication Systems, and others.
  • Use Case Testing – For services such as Energy Arbitrage, Ancillary Services, Renewable Shifting, Peak Shaving, Peaker Displacement; T&D Deferral, Voltage Controls, and others.
  • Warranty Testing – Testing of Name Plate Power Capacity, Energy Storage Capacity, Round Trip Efficiency, Control Delays, Temperature Limits, Charge and Discharge Current Limits, Voltage Limits, Inverter Outage Rate, Uptime, and others.
  • Safety Testing – Fire Suppression Systems, Smoke Detection, Grounding, Rapid Ventilation Systems, Visual Alarm Systems, Audible Alarm Systems, Proximity to Structures, Fire Barriers, and others.
  • State of Health Testing – Testing the Battery Fade and Degradation, Energy Throughput, Remaining Capacity, Internal Impedance, and others.
  • Communication System Testing – Testing of Remote Site Control, Testing Site Controls, Testing Responsive Communications, Check Out of Register Maps, Testing of Data Collection, Testing of Alarms, Statuses, Measurements, and Controls
  • Performance Testing – End to End Testing of Inputs to Outputs, Latency, Delays of Response, Undershoot, Overshoot, Inverse Poles, Controller Tuning, and others.