Grid Analytics Software
Grid Analytics Software

Acelerex Analytics Software is a commercially available web based platform for valuation, planning, design, and operations of power systems with conventional technologies, renewable technologies and emerging technologies.


  • Best in class analytics software for valuation, planning, design and operations of power systems.
  • Sophisticated algorithms for renewables and emerging technologies such as energy storage.
  • Commercially available low-cost cloud platform with web interface.
  • API’s (sold separately)


  • Integrated Resource Plans
  • Asset Valuation and Sizing
  • Fuel Budgeting
  • Price Forecasting
  • Operational Planning
  • Reliability and Resiliency
  • Hybrid Projects
  • Heat Maps


  • Stacked Services Emulation
  • Multi-year calculations
  • Hourly and Sub-hourly
  • CSV File Tabular Outputs
  • CSV File Time-series Outputs
  • Formulation Output
  • Battery Augmentation
  • Clustering Algorithm for Renewables
  • Expected Load Carrying Capability Outputs
  • Look Ahead Logic
  • Mixed Integer Optimization
  • Capacity Credits
  • Energy, Ancillary, Capacity Price Formation
  • Energy, Ancillary, Capacity Price Taker
  • Market Database Price Taker
  • LCOE Calculation
  • Mapping
  • DA and RT Co-Optimization
  • PPA Valuation
  • Auto Capacity Allocation
  • User-defined Capacity Allocation
  • Constraint modeling
  • Market Adaptors (sold separately)

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