EV Charger Software

Acelerex EMS control systems have the features and algorithms to handle EV charging and grid services simultaneously.

Acelerex pioneered Stacked Services Dispatch (SSD) enhanced with artificial intelligence where Acelerex Smart SSD runs in real time for continuous 24/7 operations.

The EMS has onboard performance testing that is designed to automate and schedule tests to demonstrate simultaneous performance to EV charging and grid services.

Microservice Features:

  • Hardware Platforms Supported: (fan, fan-less, liquid cooled, lite IoT devices)
  • Operating System: Acelerex Learning Operating System
  • Application Program Interface (API) Control: Acelerex API Library
  • Scheduler: Acelerex Scheduling Software
  • Grid Services Algorithms: Acelerex Grid Edge Algorithms
  • Web Interface: Acelerex Cognitively Optimized Web Interface
  • Energy Internet of Things: Acelerex IoT Software
  • Performance Testing: Acelerex Energy Storage Testing and Analyzer Software
  • Visualization: Acelerex Device Responsive Web Interface
  • Database: Acelerex Real Time Database at Site and in Cloud