Acelerex UK BESS EMS with operational modes for the UK power grid.

  • FFR
  • Triads
  • Balancing Market
  • Manual

Microservice Features:

  • Hardware Platforms Supported: (fan, fan-less, liquid cooled, lite IoT devices)
  • Operating System: Acelerex Learning Operating System
  • Application Program Interface (API) Control: Acelerex API Library
  • Scheduler: Acelerex Scheduling Software
  • Grid Services Algorithms: Acelerex Grid Edge Algorithms
  • Web Interface: Acelerex Cognitively Optimized Web Interface
  • Energy Internet of Things: Acelerex IoT Software
  • Performance Testing: Acelerex Energy Storage Testing and Analyzer Software
  • Visualization: Acelerex Device Responsive Web Interface
  • Database: Acelerex Real Time Database at Site and in Cloud